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Why Chitram TV Is Best The Chitram TV provides more for you at a low price including renewal. It includes all channels, movies, sports and tv shows in a single subcription including 24/7 Local Sales and Support. Free Software Updates Don't worry about security and missing out on new features. We offer free updates when it is available. Wifi, LAN & Bluetooth Connect to internet and your devices easily using Wifi/LAN and Bluetooth Pairing. Pre-Installed Apps We have a variety of pre-installed apps for you to use. You can also download apps from the playstore. 18 months warranty You have 18 months of warranty for the entirety of the subscription, What more could you want? MOJO v4.0 Set-top Box 4K ULTRA HD Quality. 4 GB RAM for speed and 16 GB internal memory. DOLBY ATMOS sound system Local Service & Support Our sales and support are available 24/7 locally. Any time you need assistance, we are there in your time zone. We accept $100 in Qoin and remaining amount in Bank transfer. For any inquiries please contact us on 0413 788 490.

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